R. Grey Lofts


A business and residential condominium in the Cultural District of downtown Boise.

HOA Board Public List

Anyone can email the HOA Board at: board@rgreylofts.com

If you are a member of the board, you can also access this discussion group online to adjust your subscription and view the archives, etc.

HOA Members Private List (All Unit Owners)

If you are a unit owner, you need to join the Owners discussion group to receive important announcements and participate in discussions.

Members of this group can reach all of the other owners by sending email to: owners@rgreylofts.com

Members of this discussion group can also access it online to adjust subscriptions and view the archives, etc.

Public HOA Documents

Rules (PDF)

CC&R’s (PDF)    Amendment 1 (PDF)    Amendment 2 (PDF)

Bylaws (PDF)